Your automated Bitfinex lending bot.

The bot is active 24/7. It lends and manages your coins to get you optimal daily interest rate returns.
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Averaged achieved rates past 30 days

Simple and Secure.

We don't ask for extra permissions we don't require on your account, the bot will ONLY be able to invest your funds, not withdraw or trade. The only drawback is that you have to keep some coins on an exchange for the bot to lend.

Maximise your interest rates

The bot's internal artificial intelegence algorithm will place your loans at the best rate to maximise your gains, whilst not allowing loans to go unused.

Is it really free?

Yes it is, we need it for our own lending so it's in our interest to keep it running. If you find the service useful, any donations are welcome!

  • ETH: 0xac3B12D32b3c8C00333D61235825d4E62F152000
  • LTC: LhecGNDnSd9ovSVBTh5G8ogKRW8nHBEaHD
  • BTC: 1CzwYPamXUwYV7axoSpeNKsvpB46Zpmmto
  • BCH: 168fq2w3h6o3oxXf2qpUVrRPunTXXJNpm1
  • DASH: XwfbStceBreb2Y9c4orsaGzZDf5PCZmxzQ